Chat Room.

This page you can join others to talk about airgun matters or post questions and wait for me or someone to answer your question. Which then will be answered by me or another member by the comments section. So if anyone has anything you would like to be answered, just subscribe and post a comment, and it will be answered asap thankyou.

This is my first post in the chat room but the other day I was talking on one of the forums on how to tune my jkhan noblesse, to get a better shot count and flatter trajectory and with more accuracy equating to a better than stock rifle. But with doing so have ended up with less power. So now need to either send the rifle in, or find away on how to remedy this, and I think the best way would be to p-rod my rifle to get the best results. So if anyone who comes to the blog has any knowledge of tuning and knows how to do this correctly please post a comment and ill get back to you thankyou.

Hi guys its been a week or so now and i haven't posted anything due to my rifle been in for repair has my trigger spring snapped. So has soon as i get my rifle back i will do some more review and hunting videos. So please bare with me and ill get some videos done asap thanks.