Monday, 13 March 2017

Pellet Test for Jkhan Krosa Noblesse.

Pellet Testing - Pellets in test Crossman Ultra Premiers, JSB Exacts, Bisley Magnum Heavies and H&N Field Target. Test was done starting from 33 Yards out too 50 Yards then 70 Yards.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

24Hr AirGunner Channel Template.

In this post i made a new youtube channel video template which I made using photoshop CS6 I First made my Title page, once I finished that, I got started on my specifications page. Then what ever content I was going to discuss I made a product page. I then made a 24hr Airgunner title video using blender has well has a BASC video and to finish my template I made an ending page. All of my audio was edited with audacity once I put all of that together here is the finished product.

EagleVision Infinity Mount Field Test

In this test i am using the Eaglevision Infinity FAE-L50 Forward Mounts i have mounted them on my rifle by the picatinny rail, then installed my scope making sure i have it level with a bubble level, and then tightened the mount screws. I then proceeded out too the field to do the field test. I then zeroed my rifle too 33 Yards, making sure with a couple of shots that it was at my preferred zero range. I then slightly loosened the 3 Hex Bolts to be able to adjust the infinity mount. Too the point of impact i then proceeded to fire another shot which then hit the center cross hair line, but too the right has of the wind interference. I then adjusted my aim to 2 mildots for windage which then i hit the center dot. With that i was well happy with the results i concluded the test. So a big thx to masood from for doing an awsome job. Thats it for this review so please like comment & subscribe thx.